Photographs (left to right): Monarch Butterfly, Rush, New York; Goldfinch, Rush, New York; 'Skunny Wundy' Island, Sacandaga Lake, Lake Pleasant, New York

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The World of Wampum

Buffalo Museum Byron Mastodon Site 1988

Mastodon Atlas Vertebra

Welcome to the World-Wide Web of Wampum. I am Richard D. Hamell, also known as 'the Wampum Bear'. I am actively seeking for information on wampum belts and other wampum items, such as collars, necklace, chokers, strands, etc. If you can provide any information on the items I have on this web site or any others, I would be grateful if you contact me. Also, if you desire information I would happily provide it, if can. You can contact me at the email address below.