Photographs (left to right): Mendon Ponds Park, Mendon, New York

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Abenaki Sun Clan Belt



Chief Thomas Woundedbear (Sakwajhp Wakotam) Weasel Clan

Wampum belt made (ca. 2016) by Michael Elk Pennsylvania.

Description (Information provided by Chief Woundedbear):

Symbol across the top represents the Sun.

The Belt represents the Five Clans of the Abenaki.

The one's on the bottom are the Clans. Front left to right is the "Bear, Wolf, Tuttle, the fourth was a Partridge Clan and the fifth is the Lynx (?). The Partridge was added as a clan because so many Wampanoag People (from Southeastern N.E.) came up here during the Metocomet War (King Philip's War).

Tomo Woundedbear:

The person who made the belt was a very good friend of ,mine who has since crossed over . His name was Missal Elk Dog (Missal means Michael in Abnaki). Tomo Woundedbear stated the belt was designed by my very dear friend friend Bobby Black Bird Red Wing and was one of his teachers and the man who ran their Ceremonies.


Original Size:
Length: 20 inches. Width: 4 inches. 10 beads wide.
Polymer Beads



Woundedbear, Thomas. 2013. Personal communication.