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Wampum Belt Archive


Belle Island Wyandot 1769 Belt

Deed To Belle Island (Hog Island)

Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library


Original Size:
Beaded Length: 31.3 inches. Width: 2.8 inches
Beads on vegetable fiber cord.


Beads strung on very fine linen cording thread. Belt retained with deed to Hog Island and passed from the McDougall family to William Macomb and then by his heirs to the Campau family. It remained with the Campau family papers until deposited in the Burton Historical Collection. Collection: Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library (Campau Family LMS, Belle Isle Map).

Belt presented to Lt. George McDougall in 1769.

From Detroit Public

Wampum belt which was part of payment given by Lieutenant George McDougall for Belle Isle (formerly known as Hog Island or Ile au Cochon). Belle Isle was purchased from the Chippewa and Ottawa Indians by McDougall for five barrels of rum, three rolls of tobacco, three pounds of vermillion and a wampum belt, with an additional three barrels of rum and three pounds of paint to be delivered at the time of possession.


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