Photographs (left to right): Lizard, Florida, Brittlebush, Mohave, Nevada; Valley of Fire, Nevada

Wampum Belt Archive


Chippewa/Ottawa Belt AMNH 50.2 2966

Original Size:

Length: 5.5 inches. Width: 3.7 inches.








Referred to as Mackinac Belt 1966 AMNH


AMHN: Wampum belt, Tiffany Morgan Collection. Collected by G. F. King and exhibited at the World's Fair in Paris. Given to the museum (1928) by J. P. Morgan.Locale: MI, Emmet County? Mackinaw City?Region: Eastern Canada. Shell, thread and HideGift of J. P. Morgan in 1928. Transferred from the Mineralogy Dept. Tiffany. Collected by G. F. Kunz.


American Museum of Natural History.