Photographs (left to right): Sunflower, Canandaigua Lake, New York: Thistles, Rush, New York; Desert Candles, San Rafael, Utah

Wampum Belt Archive


Graphic: R. D. Hamell

Nov. 21 2021

NMAI 05/0398

Original Size:

Rows 23. Length 118 cm. 46.5 1nches




estimated 381 columns. 8,763 beads ( 458 W 8,749 R)




Translucent wine red glass bead belt with white saw-toothed edges, central white double outlined diamond surrounded by four white checkered diamonds, flanked by two sets of white checkered glass diamonds. Wrapped edges, blue wool warps. Taken by General Benjamin Bellow of New Hampshire in combat before 1783.

The General claimed to have seen some Indian service, and used to wear, on high military occasions, a belt' of wampum, as a trophy of victory over the savages (Could be the belt above). Several Walpole men brought other trophies from this battle. The father of J. H. Wire had some harnesses, a powder-chest, and hatchet, which could be seen a few years since. One of the Kilburns, with some men, captured a boat belonging to the enemy, which contained a keg they fancied must be rum. They bored into it with their bayonets, and found it pork.



Historical Sketch.