Photographs (left to right): All Monhonk, New York

Wampum Belt Archive


Wyandot Wampum Belt

NMAI 040386.000


Original Size:

Estimated Length: 21.5 inches. Rows 7






Warp: Leather. Weave: Cordage.


Dr. Jonathan Lainey provided the following information: "At a meeting with the Wendat of Lorette and Guy Johnson, superintend ant of Indian affairs in 1775 :   'that he was now going to give them a Proof of his Confidence by now putting a Belt  into their hands as the great door of the Grand Confederacy wch. they Should Communicate to their People and then Send it thro’. all the Nations [...]'

Stolle, Nickolaus: Purchased in 1915. Collected by Emil Schlup.


Lainey, Jonathan. 2010. Personal Communications. Information from: at a Meeting with a Deputation of from the Hurons of Lorette», Québec, 30 octobre 1775, LAC, MG19, F35, série 2, lot 611, p. 4-5.NMAI Cat. No. 040386.000.

Stolle, Nickolaus. 2016. Talking Beads: The history of wampum as a value and knowledge bearer, from its very first beginnings until today. Hamburg, Germany. ISSN 1437-7837