Photographs (left to right): St. Johns, USVI; Suwannee River Park Live Oaks, Florida; Green Heron, Shark Valley National Park, Florida

Wampum Belt Archive


Invitation Belt

Tehanetorens (1999)


Original Size:

Nine beads wide with five hexagons.








Tehanetorens (quote):

"The belt represents the combined territory of the Five Nations, each indicated by a white hexagon. The four short white bands on the ends represent the sacred White Roots of the Tree of Peace or the Doorways of the Great Peace, wide open to alien nations to enter and receive the policy of the Great Peace and to abandon hostilities, to settle difficulties and disagreements by council rather than by blood and war."

This belt is similar to the Champlain belt and perhaps may be the same.


Tehanetorens. 1999. Wampum Belts of the Iroquois. Book Publishing Company, Summertown, TN.