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Wampum Belt Archive


Iroquois/Huron-Wendat Belt

Ashmolean Collection AMQ104937

Curiosity Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, UK


Original Size:

8 rows. ca 30 cm. 11.8 inches.






Wampum on hemp


Iroquoian or Algonquian, possibly 1656 . Listed in the cataloques of 1685 under no. 271 as :Armilla indica alba ex Wampampook facta called white Armband made of Wampumpeak (sic Kovak)" part of the Tradescant Collection. Feest's recreated design does not fit the actual dimensions.

See W_Ashomlean 1656.html


Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, UK

Stolle, Nickolaus. 2016. Talking Beads: The history of wampum as a value and knowledge bearer, from its very first beginnings until today. Hamburg, Germany. ISSN 1437-7837