Photographs (left to right): Paynes Prairie, Florida; Suwannee River Park; Live Oaks, Florida; Paynes Prairie, Florida

Wampum Belt Archive


Grandfather Gift Belt

Leary 4th Grade Class

R.D.Hamell June 23 2014


Original Size:

Length: 54.0 inches. Width: 5.0 inches. 78.0 inches with fringe


Columns: 162. Rows 10. 1,620 beads


Pony Beads


Warps and Wefts: Acrylic Yarn.


4th grade class belt. Diagonals recognize the school is in Seneca Territory. The undulating line is the Genesee River. The Panther the school mascot. The hexagon it the circle in front of the school with a White Pine.