Photographs (left to right): All Letchworth State Park, New York

Wampum Belt Archive


Mohawk Peace Belt

Beauchamp 1901, Plate 26, Figure 275


Original Size:

Rows: 15.








Beauchamp: this "is a defective white belt of 15 rows, with one small, open diamond and four large." Wyman is quoted by Beauchamp: "This I secured from an Indian at the ancient town of Cross Village, Michigan. It was called by him a Mohawk peace belt, but I could get very little information from him."

Ex FMNH A68565, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, Six Nations. Purchased from Walter C. Wyman, collected among the Odawa, Emmet County in 1901. Repatriated to the Haudenosaunee Council.


Beauchamp, William M. 1901. Wampum and Shell Articles Used By The New York Indians. New York State Museum Bulletin No. 41, Vol. 8.