Photographs (left to right): All Tioga, Pennsylvania

Wampum Belt Archive


Mohawk Wampum Belt

Beauchamp 1901, Plate 25, Figure 270

Original Size:

Rows: 6. Length: 20 inches. 160 rows.








Beauchamp reported this belt affiliation as unknown, but supposed to belong to the Mohawks. The beads are quite uneven, but have an average length. Purple beads form the ground, and on this are two very broad open diamonds in white beads. Three short rows of white alternate with the purple at one end, and the other are six rows of white alternately long and short. The thongs are twisted buckskin. National Museum.


Beauchamp, William M. 1901. Wampum and Shell Articles Used By The New York Indians. New York State Museum Bulletin No. 41, Vol. 8.