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Wampum Belt Archive


Oneida Five Diagonal Belt


Original Size:
Rows: 7. Length: 3 feet. Width: 3 inches.
Plant fiber and sinew.


Beauchamp. 1898 reported the belt held by S. H. Goodwin (1895) came from near the Georgian Bay, Canada. Constructed in seven rows with 5 rows of 9 white 'squares' 4 beads deep (wide) on a diagonal woven with twine.

Rick Hill noted "The description of the purple belt states that there are nine squares, but the photo only has seven. This suggests the Seven Nations, of which the Oneida was not one."

Romoe Sentinel (1997). Belt returned to the Oneida Nation. According to Ray Halbritter the belt having 5 diagonals suggest the belt was made prior to the early 1700'x before the Tuscarora joined the confederacy.



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