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Wampum Belt Archive



NMNH 048318


Original Size:

Rows: 5. Length: 11 inches, Width: 1 1/8 inches






Length of ribbon, shrimp-pink and gold, attached at ends.


Pleasant Point (Sipayik), Washington County, Maine, United States, North America. Star motif.


From card: "Five rows restrung on black thread. Design, white stars on purple. 'From Frank Atwin.' 'Wampum; woven strip. Venus mercenaria shell beads, cotton thread, ribbon. Cylindrical shell beads, woven on cotton thread. Purple ground, with a design of seven repeating 'star' motifs in white; 'star' composed of one bead centered over three beads, centered over seven beads, over three, over one, vertically. Lengths of ribbon, shrimp-pink and gold, attached at ends.' - Ruth Whitehead, Nova Scotia Museum, July 1985."

Records of George Gustav Heye, under catalogue number 1/2803 or 012803.000, preserved in the National Museum of the American Indian files, indicate this wampum necklace or "neck band" was collected by Frank M. Covert, 1907, and was "From Frank Atwin, Passamaquoddy, Pleasant Point, Maine."



Beauchamp. 1901

Smithsonian Institution Collection.