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Penobscot Marriage Belt

Beauchamp 1901, Plate 26, Figure 280

Original Size:

Rows: 15.








Beauchamp stated this is a Penobscot Marriage Belt of "a very novel character." It is of dark beads edged with white, and the rows cross the belt diagonally. This belt has elliptic beads on one border. The belt came to him "directly from the families to whom the belts were descended by marriage, passing from generation to generation at the marriage of the oldest child. The belt came from Lizzie Nicola, one of the old-time Indian families of the Penobscot tribe."

Wyman Collection Chic.


Beauchamp, William M. 1901. Wampum and Shell Articles Used By The New York Indians. New York State Museum Bulletin No. 41, Vol. 8.