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St. George's Crosses Wampum Belt

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R. D. Hamell Graphic Reproduction February 16 2012

After Wiser Report 1736

Reproduction by Matthew Bowles based on Hamell drawing above

Original Size:

Given - large white belt. eleven rows wide with four St Georges Crosses.


Beaded Length:


Rows wide:


Shell and leather.


At a Council held in the Great Meeting House at Philadelphia,

the 2nd Day of October 1736.

Present, The Honourable THOMAS PENN, Esq; Proprietary,

JAME LOGAN, Esqu; President. Samuel Plumsted, Charles Read,

Thomas Lawrence, Esqrs.

Present also the MAYOR and Recorder of the City,

With divers Gentlemen, and a very large Audience that filled

the House and its Galleries.

The Indian Chiefs being come and seated,

The President, before proceeding to hear them, thought proper to inform the Audience,

that in August 1732, a great Treaty having been held in this Place with several

Chiefs of the Six Nations, they had made report thereof on their Return to their

Great Council, where the several Propositions that had been made to them on the

Part of this Government, had been fully considered; and that these Chiefs now present,

of whom there never at any time before had been so great a Number met in this

Province, were now come to return their Answer.

The Indians being made acquainted with what the President had said, were

told, that we were ready to hear them.

Whereupon Kanickhungo their Speaker, addressing himself to their Brother

Onas (which signifies PENN) to their Brother JAMES LOGAN, and the Gentlemen

of the Council, spoke as follows by Conrad Wyser the Interpreter;

"BRETHREN, WE are now come down for the Towns of our several Nations

to give our Answer to the great Treaty, which we and you held together, at this Place,

about four Years since: This Answer has been agreed and concluded by our

great Council, who have carefully considered all that passed between you and us, and

expressed their great Satisfaction in the friendly and good Disposition of you our

Brethren, toward all the Indians of the Six Nations; and as you received us kindly,

and at that Treaty undertook to provide and keep for us a Fire in this great City, we

are now come to warm ourselves thereat, and we desire and hope it will ever continue

bright and burning to the End of the World."

Hereupon he laid down a large Belt of white Wampum of eleven Rows,

with four black St. George's Crosses in it; and proceeding sand


Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the First Nations: The Treaties of 1736-62

edited by Susan Kalter