Photographs (left to right): All Mohave Desert, California/Nevada

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Woodland Sash

Woodland Sash

Photo Courtesy of

Sash reproduction by Gary Bertelsen (2012)

Photo Courtesy Gary Bertelsen

Original Size:
Length: 34 inches. Width: 3.25 inches.


The traditional style Native American Indian Beaded Sash or Belt is a unique beaded artifact. Handcrafted in 1900, this antique beaded sash features a geometric pattern created with brick red, golden yellow, forest green and cream seed beads. The seed beads have been intricately stitched together to create this colorful authentic Native American Indian artifact. This work of art is 3-1/4" wide and 34" in length. As purchased at one of the most famous Native American jewelry and artifacts auctions in the country, it remains in fair condition as it has lost some of its beads over the years. (Quote:

In dependant researchers suggest the sash beaded pattern resembles the Great Lakes region Native American craft work.


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