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Treaty Wyandots 1842: Upper Sandusky



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Mar. 17, 1842 | 11 Stat., 581. | Proclamation Oct. 5, 1842 (Ohio History Central).

John Tyler, President of the United States of America, by John Johnston, formerly agent for Indian affairs, now a citizen of the State of Ohio, commissioner duly authorized and appointed to treat with the Wyandot Nation of Indians for a cession of all their lands lying and being in the States of Ohio and Michigan; and the duly constituted chiefs, counselors, and head-men, of the said Wyandot Nation, in full council assembled, on the other part, have entered into the following articles and conditions, viz:

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On March 17, treaty signed to leave Ohio.  4,996 acres are surrendered in Michigan and 109,144 acres in Ohio.  Grant of land west of the Mississippi to contain 148,000 acres owned by the US to be set apart for Indian use, and not already assigned to any other tribe or nation.  Provision for annuity, school, payment for improvements to Ohio land; debts to be paid off; Wyandots may stay on their land until 4/1/1844 provided they do not destroy their lands and improvements; blacksmith, subagent and interpreter to aid Wyandots; payment of $10,500 to be paid when Wyandots leave; land granted (640 acres each) to certain persons of the tribe but never to be conveyed to them or their heirs without the permission of the President of the US. Payment to Wm. Walker, Joel Walker and John Armstrong for services rendered as interpreters and negotiators and Warpole for traveling to Washington.  Payment to Catharine Walker for loss of her property by the US forces ($3,000).  Reservation established to cover Mission Church and cemetery at Upper Sandusky.

Railroads are built connecting major cities.


Were treaty belts exchanged? Perhaps not. The use of wampum in negotiations with the United States was near its end.


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